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Automate your lending to generate interest on your Bitcoin, Ethereum and other.Cryptoshark is a highly scalable crypto currencies lending middleware for Poloniex.We display the 8h funding rate historical chart in our Rates page.In order to encourage robust liquidity and tighter spreads in our markets, Poloniex employs a volume-tiered, maker-taker fee.

The Poloniex lending bot is written in Python and features automatic lending on the exchange Poloniex.Any chance we could be allowed to resize the window rates last hour window. - The Lending-Bot for Poloniex & Bitfinex

Automate your Poloniex lending. DB was overwhelmed by a new query that bots are making.Last N matches: The Long maturity strategy parses through the N last matched loans to get the last max rate.

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I use a free one called poloniexlendingbot, which works on both Poloniex and Bitfinex.

In the screenshot below we have highlighted 3 of the most important aspects of using the bot.Indeed, a negative funding rate is always short lived because it encourages traders to long the swap and so then discount disappears and the funding rate goes back to positive - it is self correcting.

In the Expert mode in the section Strategy you can change the following settings.When you have enough, juste disable Poloniex lending strategy, or disable your API key on Poloniex.

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How to setup your HODL.ZONE Bot. Well, it can only lend crypto in your lending account on Poloniex, so go back to Poloniex and ensure there is money in lending.Below this limit the bot will do offers with duration of 2 days.

This strategy uses the bids and asks books, ie. the lenders side and the borrowers side.Automate your Poloniex lending to effortlessly earn interest on Bitcoin, Ethereum and more.Have a look at the funding calculations and the.XBTUSDPI8H index: here and here.For security reasons, our bot may delete your API keys in the following cases.

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You can earn interest by shorting the Bitmex XBTUSD swap product.Please consider seriously the risks of lending your money on Bitfinex and Poloniex.I tried a number of bots and while they did lend out my bitcoin well.Use Bitcoin to buy Poloniex Bitcoin Lending Trade Bot (PHP).

This strategy is activated on top of the basic, and it can be used in parrallel with the Automatic strategy.The market data is used to optimize your lending contracts in real-time.First, create an account on Quoine and transfer some money to the wallet.In short, its more profitable and less work than lending manually.Any funds you put into the exchange are only used to facilitate.Recently, as a bit of a personal curiosity project, I have been writing an incredibly simple bot to use on Poloniex (a cryptocurrency exchange).

Offering cryptocurrency loans can be quite a profitable business, assuming one knows what they are for exactly.The bet is that 30-days loans will be closed out long before 30 days, so we can focus on highest available rates whatever the maturity.

As of this writing, our lending bot has completed 108,000 loans, with 0 defaults.

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